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Bicycle Standard Playing Cards, Poker Size, 12 Pack



Introducing Bicycle Standard Playing Cards, the ultimate choice for card game enthusiasts and professional poker players alike! This 12-pack of Poker Size cards is thoughtfully designed and manufactured by Bicycle, a trusted and renowned name in the gaming industry for over a century.

Each deck is meticulously crafted using premium materials to ensure maximum durability and exceptional performance. The cards are made from a high-quality cardstock that not only feels sturdy in your hands but also provides a smooth and seamless shuffle, making every card game experience remarkably enjoyable.

Featuring the iconic Bicycle Rider Back design, these standard playing cards are a timeless classic. The vibrant and vivid colors, coupled with the intricate detailing on each card, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your gaming sessions. Every deck comes with the traditional 52 cards and 2 Jokers, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of popular card games as well as practice your poker skills.

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards are renowned for their unparalleled versatility and exceptional playability. The precisely cut edges ensure effortless card handling, ensuring that you can execute flawless sleights, flourishes, and tricks with ease. Whether you’re an amateur card magician or an avid cardist looking to enhance your skills, these cards are perfect for honing your craft.

Durability is key when it comes to playing cards, and Bicycle understands this well. Each deck is coated with Bicycle’s signature Air-Cushion finish, creating a cushion of air between the cards that allows for smooth shuffling, excellent handling, and increased longevity. Say goodbye to sticky cards and frustrating wear and tear – these cards are built to last, giving you countless hours of gameplay.

The 12-pack format ensures that you always have spare decks on hand for those intense gaming nights or when one inevitably gets misplaced. Whether you’re hosting a friendly poker night at home, planning a casino-themed party, or simply enjoy playing card games with friends and family, Bicycle Standard Playing Cards are the go-to choice for both casual and professional use.

Get your hands on this 12-pack of Bicycle Standard Playing Cards, Poker Size, and elevate your card game experience to new heights. Order now and join the millions of players worldwide who trust Bicycle for the ultimate combination of quality, performance, and style.


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